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When we were in college in the UK, we were in love with living the grind. This meant long hours where being both energetic and focused was essential. Obviously, caffeine was our best friend, at all hours of the day. However, this lifestyle soon started catching up to us, and we started feeling the need to live healthier and take care of our bodies without having to lose pace with our work. Thankfully, that’s when we were introduced to Yerba Mate.


We often noticed some South American students in the library sipping on a strange tea-like beverage out of an even stranger looking container. We later learned this was Yerba Mate tea they were sipping out of a calabash gourd. Despite its unusual appearance curiosity got the better of us and we soon asked our peers for a sip. It was incredible. It felt like a warm embrace that revitalised us. The vibe of the drink was also unmistakably positive. It became our go-to beverage, ever since.


For those of you new to the culture, Yerba is a caffeine-rich super herb from the beautiful Amazon rainforest. Mate is a soulful beverage which is brewed using Yerba and a Matero is a Yerba Mate Enthusiast and what we call ourselves. We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t ever heard about Yerba, after all, neither has most of the rest of the world. It truly is the best-kept secret of the Amazon.


Tea and coffee have vastly different caffeine content. Tea has too little, while coffee often has too much. Matero Yerba Mate offers you the perfect dose of the healthiest form of caffeine. Clean, Jitter free, energy. It’s alkaline and loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals. It not only set’s the vibe but also takes care of your body in the process. It’s no wonder we transformed into complete Materos, who drank our yerba mate tea out of a bombilla straw, almost instantly.


Once we returned to India, we wanted to share this drink with the rest of our friends here. However, what we found was a total lack of availability. The Indian market had never heard of this wonderful drink from across the world. No matter how much we searched, we could never get our hands on more than a few yerba mate kits which we begged our relatives to buy on their international trips. What came next was obvious. We had to take matters into our own hands.


Today, we run Healthy Beatle LLP. which brings you your favourite, Matero Yerba Mate. We have a shared vision to bridge the gap between tea and coffee. We want to introduce India to the wonders of Yerba Mate tea, which can be drunk all day, guilt-free and help you rekindle your love affair with caffeine. Join us as we harness the power of this super herb to live life, healthy, relaxed and stimulated!


Shaurya and Aakash, Co-Founders

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