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How to Brew: Traditional Matero Yerba Mate

The tradition of Yerba mate brewing is steeped deep in South American history. The tea like concoction has made a special place in most of the south American households and with Matero Yerba Mate we wish to bring this celebrated herb to India.

The major consumers of Yerba mate are Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. Though all countries have a different way of brewing Yerba Mate Tea their mate cultures are all based on the foundations of friendship and togetherness.

We at Matero Yerba Mate wish to spread this beautiful exercise amongst Indians as well. With our different offerings one can either explore the convenience of Matero Yerba Mate Partay packs or also take the more cultural route towards enjoying the caffeinated concoction.

Brewing Yerba Mate is very easy.

What you need:

  1. Wooden Gourd↗ or Calabash Gourd↗

  2. Matero Loose Leaf Yerba Mate↗

  3. Thermos and water

  4. A utensil to boil water in

  5. Heat Source

How to brew it:

  1. Put 15-20g in the gourd, either wooden or Calabash. Put a little more if you have the Calabash Gourd.

  2. Bring the water to a fisheye boil (where the bubbles at the bottom look like eyes of a fish).

  3. Add the water to the thermos.

  4. Cover the top of the Gourd and invert it, and shake the mate, allow the mate dust to collect in the palm of your hand. (Note that this is not an important step, you can skip this but you get extra points for doing this)

  5. Insert the Bombilla/Steel filtered straw

  6. Add hot water, and sip!

It's that simple.


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