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Yerba Mate in your Fitness Journey

Are you looking for a mate for your weight loss journey? One who actually pushes you across that finish line? One that gives you those sizeable energy punches when you want them the most? One which curbs your hunger so that you don’t binge on all that trans-fat loaded stuff in your kitchen? you shouldn’t look further than Matero Yerba Mate. (Pron. Yer-Ba Mah-Tay)

Now before we get into why Yerba Mate is such an efficient partner in your fitness journey, lets clear out one thing that Yerba Mate is not - Yerba Mate is not a magic pill, nothing is. fitness is an outcome of a good diet, a good exercise routine, and in general a healthy lifestyle. Yerba Mate has in it to be an integral part of this healthy lifestyle that will help you be the best version of you.

Why Yerba Mate is your weight loss mate?

With Matero Yerba Mate one gets access to three great benefits that come with incorporating Yerba Mate in your lifestyle.

Supresses hunger and cravings

Satiety is perhaps one of the most direct effects of Yerba Mate on weight loss. mate makes you feel full for longer. It contains compounds that act as appetite suppressants which help you avoid overeating.

It provides boost of energy

One thing that your body craves when you are exercising is that extra bit of energy, especially when you are going for that extra rep. It's the caffeine in Yerba Mate that provides that. The caffeine is similar to that in coffee, but a hell lot healthier. Firstly, coffee is acidic whereas Yerba Mate, in general, is more neutral/alkaline. This means that you can consume Yerba Mate empty stomach without stomach irritation. So, it turns out to be great for morning workouts. Secondly, unlike coffee, Yerba Mate has a gradual release of energy without jitters and crash. Many who swear by Yerba Mate have described this magical caffeine as “Mateine”.

Yerba Mate has laxative properties

Yerba Mate improves digestion. Again, it’s the healthy caffeine aka Mateine. The caffeine helps the body to discard waste efficiently. improved bowel movement is a sign of better digestion and is great for a healthy lifestyle.

These properties of the herb add great value to your journey into becoming a healthier/fitter version of you. People do follow a lot of different permutation and combinations when it comes to their diets. Yerba Mate fits all of those. Be it as a hunger suppressant during intermittent fasting or a low-calorie nutrition packed drink during keto.

Moreover, the alkaline nature of Yerba Mate is great for you to go for those early morning empty stomach workouts. There is no wonder international football stars like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Paul Pogba, and many others love Yerba Mate!

Buy Matero Yerba Mate today! Head on over to our store!


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